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Rick Reeve

Growing up in a very musical family, in Atlanta, Georgia, Rick began taking piano lessons at the age of seven. However, he began to shy away from the piano while entering his teenage years and got more involved in athletics. He still remembers the exact day, walking into his weekly lesson to tell his teacher he was done with music. Week after week he rejected every piece of music she presented to him in preparation for an upcoming recital. It was in that lesson that his teacher struck a chord in Rick that would change his life forever. She told him to write his own song. So, at the age of 14, he did!
Today, writing music is now second nature for Rick. Since that pivotal day he has consistently written, recorded and performed his songs in various parts of the country including Florida, Idaho, Utah, Georgia and Hawaii. In addition, he has received many awards and honors for his music. His library of genres, including such types as contemporary pop, religious, and new age, continues to expand as he receives more exposure to music. Currently, Rick is 23 years old and a senior at Brigham Young University majoring in Public Relations.
"Traveling and meeting people from all over the world is fascinating to me. It is through my music that I hope to show my love and appreciation to them. I love music with all of my heart because for one, it is a beautiful way to communicate, and with the wonderful mediums of today it allows me to be there with the ones I love when I physically canít be there."

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Imagine (4:19)   <PLAY CLIP>

Grandma's Lullaby (5:49)   <PLAY CLIP>

Miracles (4:22)   <PLAY CLIP>

If Only (5:20)   <PLAY CLIP>

Where Seagulls Fly (4:05)   <PLAY CLIP>

In My Life (2:57)   <PLAY CLIP>

Staying Behind (4:52)   <PLAY CLIP>

Living Water (3:59)   <PLAY CLIP>

Memories of You (4:22)   <PLAY CLIP>

Mountain Song (3:57)   <PLAY CLIP>

A Walk in the Park (4:14)   <PLAY CLIP>

In My Life

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