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Leif Bjarnson

I feel that my strength is in my voice, being that I don't play any instruments professionally. Singing tenor, solo vocal performance is what I started out with, singing in religious and classical settings. For the last 5 years I've been involved with Handel's Messiah productions for both Christmas and Easter at various locations in southern Utah. In December of 2007 I sang two solos with the Southwest Symphony at the Cox Auditorium in St. George performing The Messiah.

The St. George Tabernacle has been my favorite setting for Spring and Christmas concerts over the years. I have also been involved with fairs, festivals and various city celebrations and soon found myself singing country, pop and some mild rock. I have such a love for both styles of music now that I find myself "crossing over" so to speak, even in the same performances.

My new CD, that is now out as of May of 2008, combines spiritual and alternative pop-style music. I think I will create thematic albums in the future; one dedicated to easy listening/pop and another to spiritual/religious music.

I have learned to be versatile with my voice so I can sing to any age group with my own music or another artist's piece of music. I'm used to a wide scale of music, singing from a low b to a high c. my true voice is tenor.

My vocal abilities have been refined and strengthened by my vocal coach Evelyn Isham of Toquerville, Utah. She taught me so many things including how to stretch my voice to even to higher limits allowing me to sing a wider range of music.

I have a group called Soul Proprietor, which is more like a part-time group because of our circumstances. Most of us have families and are working full-time, so we gig maybe once a month or one every two months. However, some summer months and the month of December are busier than usual with summer festivals and the Christmas season.

I am comfortable entertaining as a soloist or as a band. Some of my own music I play on piano and sing with, but leave all the technical playing up to my pianist, Matt Szymanski of Hurricane, Utah. As solo, in some events I may use some minus tracks of my own music or other artists or even just my keyboardist/pianist and I may put on a show. But there is an energy from a group of musicians playing together that can really draw a crowd like nothing else.

My favorite part of performing is when the audience "becomes mine" so to speak; When I've captured them and get them caught-up in the music.

My wife has asked me a number of times, "so why do you like to do this"? I tell her that It is just in me; It is just there and it begs to come out! My peforming abilities I believe have always been there in my life, but it wasn't until the last 5 or 6 years that I have become serious about it. There's a time for everything in our lives, and talents don't always come out until we are ready to share them. This doesn't mean that it is all easy. It comes with hard work and sometimes facing our fears, which if we allow them to, can hold us back from blessing other people's lives and becoming something better than we are now. I have always believed that when we hold back our talents and gifts because of some kind of fear, that we give up or lose them little by little. We then look back with regret that we could have done better and become something better in our lives.

Life here only happens once!

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