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There is a lot of LDS music out there that the LDS audience is unaware of. Fortunately, many artists offer free mp3s of their music as a way to promote themselves. It is unlikely anyone will buy music they have not heard. Rather than searching for their music, we present this site as a collection of free music download locations where you can go to listen to their music.

If you like the music you hear, please buy their CDs. The artists need this kind of support so they will be able to produce more CDs.

Cheri Magill
Cheri Magill Cheri Magill rocks. With a distinctive sound and thoughtful lyrics, the singer/songwriter's ‘ready’ to take a giant step onto the local pop music stage.
- Carma Wadley, Deseret News

Somewhere between the serene estro-pop of Sarah McLachlan, the angsty girl-woman guitar-rock of Michelle Branch and the hushed playfulness of the country diva of your choice (Shania, Faith, et al), Cheri Magill radiates the kind of natural warmth and personal connectivity some of the above have paid handlers millions for. Thanks to Ready’s glossy-crisp production (by Silvercrush’s Steele Croswhite) wed to Magill’s dulcet voice, smart lyrics and sure footings in rock and balladry, the only element that seems to be missing is a major-label logo on the back. Give her time, and handlers.
- Bill Frost, Salt Lake City Weekly

Cheri Magill's Ready CD Listen to the following downloads to sample her music. If you like what you hear, you can buy her music at the Cheri Magill website.

Location of mp3 download files:

Artist's website: This is one of those flash websites which is very heavy on graphics and may not do well on a dial-up connection. It creates a pop-up window to view the site so any pop-up blockers must be turned off.

Hilary Weeks
Hilary Weeks album Hilary Weeks was the 2003 Pearl Award Winner - Female Recording Artist of the Year & Holiday Recording. Her CDs are available at Deseret Book and she is found on many compilation CDs.

Location of mp3 download files:

Artist's website: Hilary Weeks Home Page

Laura Jones
Laura Jones Laura Jones is a fresh voice to the LDS music scene. She released her debut album, in collaboration with Roger Hoffman, 'He is The Light' in May of 2003. She has been featured on the 'LDS Styles IV' CD released in July of 2003, and the 'Power and the Peace' released in February 2004. Laura's music radiates her love and reverence of the Savior. She has performed throughout the United States singing and playing the flute, and is currently touring with her "He is the Light" Fireside. Laura has been a vocal instructor for the last 7 years and runs a private studio in Orem, UT.

Location of mp3 download files:

Artist's website: Laura Jones Home Page

Maren Ord
Maren Ord Maren Ord's debut album Waiting was a major hit with radio and video programmers in Canada; she toured with Lilith Fair and was nominated for a Juno Award for 'Best new Artist'. Not a bad start to a career for a then 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. One may ask how you could possibly kick things up a notch for the sophomore release... How about teaming up with Canadian rock legend Randy Bachman?
Maren Ord On Not Today (released September 28th, 2004) Bachman played an instrumental role as co-writer, guitarist and producer. On being involved on this album Bachman says: "I've always considered myself first and foremost a songwriter. So for years I've had my ears open, looking for the perfect voice to sing some of the more rocking songs I've had the music for. I'm so glad I found Maren to work with. She has the most perfect voice. She has absolutely perfect intonation and control."
With Not Today Ord takes a musical step forward from her Juno nominated debut. Not Today proves that Ord has grown as a writer and performer, delivering rock influenced pop songs without letting go of the skilled songwriting that has gotten her this far.
"New music from Edmonton native Maren Ord has been a long time coming, but great things come to those who wait. Ord's newest offering is a fantastic pop rock tune that leans much in the vein of Michelle Branch. If this track doesn't win you over… then have your ears checked. Pop tracks do not get much better than this."
- Canadian Music Network

Location of mp3 download files:
Artist's website:

Sam Payne
Sam Payne A spin of Sam Payne's "Railroad Blessing" is like walking into a party where everyone stops to look, all itching to talk to you (it's why they came, after all). It's quite a crew, too. And with a menu like this, who's gonna be first?
There's an American astronaut, fresh from five months aboard the doomed Space Station Mir. Space was great, but it's lonely up there.
There's Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind climber to summit Everest. Some think that sort of a climb is something like marriage. Other's think it's more like rehab.
Or what about that old guy in the corner? His son is suiting up for war. Dad's a patriot, but he prays that the country won't squander that young life. It's the biggest gift the old man can give, after all.
Here's what folks who've been to the party already are saying about it:
"Payne is one of those few musicians who can successfully combine both songwriting and stage performing. He can write poignant and meaningful lyrics, combine them with a melodic hook, and perform them in a voice that makes you want to close your eyes and drift away."
- The Spectrum

Location of mp3 download files:
Artist's website:

Steven Stewart
Steven Stewart Songwriter /singer Steven Stewart (BMI) actively gigs as both a solo artist and the vocalist for the pop rock band "Frozen Ocean". He has written & performed w some of Finland's biggest artists (Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks, Nylon Beat, Maria Kizirian (EMI), and Aki Sirkesalo (Sony/Epic.))
His songwriting covers diverse genres from pop, country, CCM, hip-hop/R&B, and rock. He's also written music/lyrics/script to a musical based on the movie "Heaven Can Wait"
In addition to Steven's CDs solo and with his band, his character vocals can be heard in the animated film & CD (epic/sony) "The Swan Princess". He is featured as a studio backup vocalist as well as a songwriter on many other artists albums.
His song "Believe" was featured on a promotional CD that was sent to over 1,000,000. Sanyo has also used Steven's music in their promotions.
Steven is actively looking to place songs from his catalogue with artists and publishers.

Location of mp3 download files:
Artist's website: Steven Stewart.

Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith Stephanie started writing music when she was about 8 years old. At 17 she released her debut album “Tell Me,”and is currently working on her second album. In addition Stephanie’s music is featured on 7 compilation CDs She has been hailed as an amazing lyricists in Nashville. Her soulful lyrics, melodies and smooth vocal make for an intrinsic blend. When asked, Stephanie defines her genre as “acoustic pop with a twist of country”. No matter how it is defined, it is truly remarkable. Audiences have been amazed at what this girl can do at 18. What’s even more amazing is what she’ll do next.

Location of mp3 download files:
Artist's website:

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