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LDS Styles 4

LDS Styles 4Independent LDS musicians submit their music every year to be considered in the lastest compilation album. LDS Styles IV is the latest in that series. This year, the quality of LDS music has risen to the point where it was thought that an mp3 CD should be included with the album because of the extraordinary range in styles of the music submitted.
The group's website,, includes a listing of members, as well as information on how to join the email group. hosts an annual music festival each summer in American Fork, Utah.

Beth Lawrence's "The Journey Home"
Now in Stock

Beth Lawrence Singer/Songwriter Beth Lawrence is well-versed in the music industry. Her credits run the gamut from composing to recording to performing, garnering many awards along the way. Agents, Event Planners, Convention Organizers and Destination Management companies are encouraged to book Beth for Special Event performances and music related workshops.
Her album, "The Journey Home," was originally presented as part of the 2002 Cultural Olympiad, The Journey Home captures the courage of the human spirit; the pride of the American experience; and the triumph of the everyday hero.
This is the story of all Americans; the courageous Pioneers whose chapter in the Book of Life is rich with adventure and sacrifice. Today, we are the New Pioneers, and as we seek to make our world a better place, we too, must walkt the peaks and valleys, sometimes one small step at a time, but always together on the Journey Home.
"…artistically superb and spiritually insightful!" -David T. Warner, Director, Music & Cultural Arts, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
"Excellent!" says Senator Orrin Hatch.

Rick Reeve's Album "In My Life"
Is Now Available

Rick ReeveRick Reeve began playing the piano at age eight. At age 14, he was having trouble finding music that interested him to play for a recital so his piano teacher challenged him to write his own song. And that's all it took to start Rick on his way.
His music on his album, "In My Life," is a mix of easy-listening instrumentals. But easy-listening is sometimes so relaxing that it lulls you to sleep. Not so with Rick's compositions. They may be relaxing but at the same time are full of energy so they hold your attention.
To have an appreciation of Rick's music, you really should click on his link above and listen to some of his songs. My personal favorite is "Grandma's Lullaby." It's simple but beautiful beginning pulls you in to a reverie. But just as you get comfortable and relaxed, the song increases in engery and gets your attention. You didn't think the song would get more beautiful but it has. And when you have soaked up the beauty from that passage, the song picks up again and you find yourself wanting to move to the rhythm. Now it has become a wonderful song that when it ends, you are ready to hear it again, and again. Then you find another favorite.

--Rich Pulham

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