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Tammy Moon and Tracy Brown have teamed up after years of a strong friendship to produce “Heaven Moves On.” Their music is deeply personal and defines their faith and testimonies of the Savior's teachings as they sing of life experiences. Their harmonies are intricate and powerful, creating a unique sound.
In 2002, tragedies reunited their hearts and music. Unexpected deaths and subsequent discouragement kindled within their souls a new desire for musical expression. These experiences inspired them with a desire to write and perform music to touch, change, and uplift the lives of others. Through rural community involvement they have experienced first hand the joy of lifting others through music. Their musical experiences include performances in musicals and directing. They have taught music at high school and college levels, and have judged various musical performances for scholarships and contests. Their lives, thought and hopes have been strongly molded and influenced by music.
This 11 original song CD represents their experiences and commitment of inspiring others through their music. They are dedicated to promote "Heaven Moves On" and have chosen to work with some of the best in the LDS music industry and have personally financed this project. They are committed to their music, its success, and their responsibility to help others "Look For the Good" and to return "Safely Home".
Tammy and Tracy are both mothers, each having four beautiful children and very supportive husbands. The inspiration for writing their songs usually flowed best when the laundry was piled to the ceiling, when each and every toy was on the floor, one child would be crying, another would be playing in the mud, and all the children were hungry! It was at those times that they felt the spirit direct their thoughts to a simple melody and powerful lyrics. Lyrics that empower youth, help others feel self worth, express love for Jesus Christ, comfort those that are distraught and give hope to those that feel lost. Each song is a "Mighty Miracle" - with its own story and inspiration that is easily identifiable to so many lives. One listener wrote, "Their music is a priceless way to bring back cherished memories of loved ones, family, friends, but most of all our Savior." Through life experiences, Tammy and Tracy have created music that will invite listeners to turn to Christ and reflect on eternal beliefs.

Heaven Moves On $14.95

Look for the Good   <PLAY CLIP>

His Name Is Jesus   <PLAY CLIP>

Heroes in the Scriptures   <PLAY CLIP>

Woman of God   <PLAY CLIP>

Safely Home   <PLAY CLIP>

Mighty Miracles   <PLAY CLIP>

I Wonder   <PLAY CLIP>

Daughter of Mine   <PLAY CLIP>

Reflecting His Light   <PLAY CLIP>

Heaven Moves On   <PLAY CLIP>

Can You Hear Him   <PLAY CLIP>

Heaven Moves On

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