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Anke Summerhill
Anke Summerhill performing Of her debut CD release, "The Roots Run Deep", Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine writes:"The emotional bond is established with the audience from the very first note. It's personal, yet universal. You may cry, you may find yourself becoming philosophical, but you will feel something totally unique from any other album you've ever heard." Anke's diverse background and powerful gift of observation has seasoned her songwriting and performances with that, which makes us compassionate.

Ashley Harris
Ashley Harris performing Singer/songwriter Ashley Harris is impacting lives of all ages with her debut album, "Change My Heart." This Inspirational album is a sincere expression of heart-felt words put to soul stirring music. Whether you tap your feet to the youthful "Change My Heart," or wipe a tear in "Pour Over Me," Ashley will touch your soul. These are songs about being happy, being comforted and being true wherever life finds you today. Her thoughtful lyrics will draw you in; her contagious hooks will keep you listening over and over.

Before Braille
LDS group Before Braille at LDS Music OnlineBefore Braille is an independent rock band that calls Mesa, Arizona home. Together for closing in on three years, the group's energetic, individualistic and emotive sound has been called "480 area core" or "Mesa Rock" by lead singer David Jensen. It has also been linked with the EMO-core renaissance currently popularized by critically acclaimed and nationally recognized East Valley compatriots Jimmy Eat World, with whom Before Braille have played live on their home turf.

Beth Lawrence
Beth LawrenceSinger/Songwriter Beth Lawrence is well-versed in the music industry. Her credits run the gamut from composing to recording to performing, garnering many awards along the way. Agents, Event Planners, Convention Organizers and Destination Management companies are encouraged to book Beth for Special Event performances and music related workshops.

Jay Young
LDS artist Jay YoungJay Young possesses a rare mix of power and tenderness in his baritone voice. He can sooth a troubled heart or paint a picture with words.

Julie De Azevedo
LDS artist Julie De AzevedoFor years, award-winning singer/songwriter, Julie de Azevedo has offered musical glimpses into life’s defining and often changing moments. Her ability to artistically create images through music opens the door for the full emotional experience available in examining life.

Kevin Burdick
LDS artist Kevin BurdickKevin is an LDS artist living Mesa, Arizona, who began writing and playing his music at the age of six. While in the sixth grade, his piano teacher let him learn to play "Hello" by Lionel Richie. That event pointed Kevin in the direction he follows today writing pop/rock songs which tell a good story and teach an LDS value. His songs are rich in symbolism while being grounded in the reality of today.
He has received many awards for his music including the Southwest Film Festival's 2000, Winner Best Music Video and 2000, Winner Best Sound. His latest CD, "Deep Blue America," was described by Scottsdale Magazine as "a positive, energetic look at American life, spirituality, trials, and pride." Tyler Castleton of Shadow Mountain Publishing describes Kevin's latest album as having "a great sound and the songs are all very compelling and moving . . ."

Klint Crawford
LDS artist Klint CrawfordKlint started on the piano as soon as he began walking and has been playing ever since. During middle school and high school, he joined the marching band. Piano wasn't an option so he took up drums and became the drum major for two years.
After graduation, he began performing for audiences playing piano, keyboard, and percussion. His love of classical-style piano and jazz percussion create a unique blending of melody and rhythm that is both intriguing and soothing.
Klint has nearly completed recording his first album.

Leif Bjarnson
Leif's CD, There's A Time, combines spiritual and alternative pop-style music. The St. George Tabernacle has been his favorite setting for Spring and Christmas concerts over the years. He has also been involved with fairs, festivals and various city celebrations and soon found himself singing country, pop and some mild rock. He has such a love for both styles of music now that he finds himself "crossing over" so to speak, even in the same performances.

Michael R. Hicks
Michael graduated from BYU in Marketing Communication with a minor in music. He is from Salt Lake City, Utah and served a full-time LDS mission in the California Santa Rosa Mission. Michael has taught seminary at Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah. He has spoken at and has been a counselor for the EFY program for five years.
Michael is perhaps best know as the composer of the EFY Medley: As Sisters In Zion & We'll Bring the World His Truth, sung by over 120,000 youth since 1999 at the Especially for Youth program, and sung by tens of thousands in chruch congregations around the world, from small seminary classes in California, to a multi-regional youth conference in Lithuania, from youth conferences in Australia, to the 2000 BYU Women's Conference.
Michael first released a CD of solo piano arrangements of hymns entitled To Satisfy the Law in 1997, published the piano book for that CD the following year.

Michael Ethington
Michael is from Salt Lake City, Utah and served a Spanish-speaking LDS mission in Montreal, Canada. Since then, he has traveled extensively. After his wife Julie, the love of his life is playing the piano.

Sharon Hopkins
Sharon Hopkins creates a tapestry of ethereal and deeply spiritual hymn arrangements in this debut album. Her fresh and refined vocals combined with rich choral and instrumental tracks produce a unique sound that will uplift and inspire you.

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